which hair straightener?

i have wavy thick hair and it frizzes easyand i was wondering what hair straightener i should useand not too expensive, im only 13and what kind of products i should use with it.thanx!!!


I never understood why the gov't requires these shots so young! I mean seriously these are babies we're talking aboutThey are for the greater good but for a mother the only greater good is her child's safetyI will surely skip the insanely-early vaccines when I give birthAt least for a while.
okay, first off, the large majority of vaccines do not contain formaldehyde, aluminum, and aborted fetal tissue (especially this one), the vaccines that your children are given contain a weakened or dead virus so the body can learn to recognize it, thats all, only a few specialty vaccines contain the other stuff and they wouldnt be given to your child at a normal checkupwant some rationalization, thousands, if not millions, of children would be dead without vaccinesthe odds of something going wrong because of the vaccine is incredibly slim and the death rate of unvaccinated children greatly exceeds the risks of them.
Honestly I look at it this way, getting a vaccine is low risk compared to your little one getting a potentially deadly measles, mumps, rubella, even chicken pox can be deadly to infantsWhy risk these infections when there are proven vaccines that can protect your child from themPeople have been vaccinated for years, I don't see what the big deal is reallyOn the other hand I absolutely refuse to give my children (or myself) shots I believe don't work such as the flu shotI have not known one person who it has actually prevented the flu for, and the 1 time I did get the dang thing I got the flu a week or two laterIt wasn't shorter than the norm by any means, so in my mind they are pointless! I am also wary of new vaccines such as the H1N1, but I did give this to my kids last year because the place we lived had a massive outbreak of it and my oldest has a weak trachea so getting it would have been a very bad thing for himThis year unless there is another massive outbreak they will not be receiving itIn the end it is your decision, to a point, your child will not be allowed to attend public schools without vaccinationsSo unless you plan to home school they will have to get them eventually.
Both of my kids are vaccinated, but on a delayed scheduleWe waited 1-1.5 years each to start their immunizationsPediatric doses of vaccines are the same no matter what size or age the child isThe same dose is given to a 10 pound 2 month old as is given to a 30 pound 2 year old, so why not wait until they are larger with more developed immune systems before injecting them with foreign substances? Their bodies will gain the same immunity in the long runFor what it's worth though, our world is full of pollutants we really shouldn't be exposed toThink of all the kinds of cancer that have become prevalent in recent yearsAs a whole, we don't eat well (how many people do you know whose diet consists of only organic, fresh foods?), we don't breathe clean air, and we don't always drink the best water eitherToxins in vaccines are not necessarily 1 on my list of health concerns:(
honestly, i think all hair straighteners are pretty much the samejust get one with high heat settings [unfortunately, your hair won't straighten well if the heat is too low]and try to get a ceramic-plated hair straighteneri think that most hair straighteners are ceramic these daysi have a really cheap straightener from Conair that was around $15, and i also have a really expensive one that was given to me from a friend, which runs around $200the only difference between them is that more expensive one works fasterbut i usually end up with the same resultsi just have to spend more time when using the cheaper onebut besides that, theyre honestly like the exact sameso as long as you get a ceramic hair straightener [which is good for eliminating frizz] then i think you'll be finedont let anybody tell you that the more expensive products work a lot better, cus they really dontand as for products, try a heat-protective spraythere are many brands to choose fromi personally like Nexxus or TRESemmethey have good products that you just spray on right before you straighten your hairthis will minimize the damage make your hair a little less frizzy and burnt smellinggood luck! :D

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