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Which is better front loader or top loader washer ?

I am seeking for a good washer to install my home but so much confused .. help


Preference: Top Loader, Once a front loader is in cycle, you must wait till it goes all the way through the cycles, however with a top loader, you can stop the cycle, add additional soap, bleach or softener, or even more laundry and restart.
I prefer a front loader. In my opinion it has a better agitation and it gets the clothes cleaner and mixes the clothes better with the laundry detergent and fabric softener. With a top loader, I find that sometimes the detergent just sits on top of the clothes.
TommyMc is exactly correct, after suffering with poor cleaning and some reliability issues with the Kenmore front load set we had we ditched it for Speed Queen 18 months ago and couldn't be happier. Beware, cheap top loaders have reliability problems too. I disagree that they are hard on clothes, we had no such issue. You will discover as many others have that it really does take a certain amount of water to get clothes clean despite governmental interference.. The Speed Queen factory has greatly increased production as the demand has risen for their machines.
The only reason a front loader may be good is if you have well water. You will be limited with the soap you can use in those. Look for a low energy star rating on a top loader. What you want is a big agitator. High energy star rating machines have no agitator and use water to move the clothes and they don't get as clean.
Both front loader and top loader have its benefits and problems. I need to incline towards the front load washer. I think water preservation is a huge thing, and if everybody had a front stack, a great deal less water might be squandered washing dress. This coupled with the way that it is much gentler on my garments, is sufficient to push me over the edge. Go the front load.

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