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Which is better? Hp mx703 CRT Monitor or Hp 1502 LCD Monitor?

I have a Hp mx703 CRT Monitor and Hp 1502 LCD Monitor and I want to know which one is better in gaming and everyday use. Thanks in replies


Deffinately the Hp 1502 LCD.
The MX703 CRT native resolution is 1280x1024, while the 1502 LCD native resolution is only 1024x768. So if desktop real estate is important to you, go with the CRT. Otherwise go with the LCD as it's less radiation and takes up less desk space. If it were ME, I'd get an LCD with a higher native resolution, like 1920x1200
LCD monitors or Liquid Crystal Display monitors are replacing the old CRT or Cathode Ray Tube screens and are far superior in a vast majority of applications. There are several advantages of LCD Monitors over the old CRT Displays. While LCD Monitors are compact and lightweight and consume less power approximately 20W whereas the CRT monitors are bulky and heavy consuming upto 150W. An LCD Monitor produces perfectly sharp images with perfect image geometry whereas in CRT the sharpness is limited and it tends to blur more at high brightness and with the aging of the tubes and suffers from geometric distortions. LCD monitors have a consistent tonal scale and can display text with excellent contrast whereas the CRT monitors display strong bright areas which can cause other regions of the picture to dim and also has poor text contrast because of limited bandwidth. LCD monitors do not normally flicker whereas a faint flicker can always be observed in a CRT monitor.
As I mentioned in your other question, that monitor can do up to 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz. It can also multisync to 1152x864 @ 75 Hz, or 1024x768 @ 60, 75 or 85 Hz. The LCD has a native resolution of 1024x768 @ 60 Hz. The CRT has a larger screen than that 15 LCD as well. The LCD is a slightly older model, and as such probably has a response time, viewing angle, and contrast that is lower than that of newer LCDs. CRT monitors have excellent response time and very deep contrast as well as great color fidelity, better than any LCD. CRTs are popular among gamers because of their very fast response times: no motion blur or lag. They are also very popular among video editors and the printing industry because of their great contrast and color. Go with the CRT.

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