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which of the following is an implied power of the federal government?

a. levying taxesb. creating banksc. establishing federal courtsd. coining moneye. admitting new states


b. creation of banks. all of the other powers are covered in the Constitution, so they are not implied. banks are not specifically mentioned, but various theories of Constitutional reasoning indicate that that was a power that the Federal or any government body has. States, counties, and other government entities also charter banks, it is an accepted power of government.
b. creating banks Implied powers, in the United States, are those powers authorized by a document (from the Constitution) which, while not stated, seem to be implied by powers expressly stated. When George Washington asked Alexander Hamilton to defend the constitutionality of the First Bank of the United States against the protests of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph, Hamilton produced what has now become the classic statement for implied powers. Hamilton argued that the sovereign duties of a government implied the right to use means adequate to its ends. Although the United States government was sovereign only as to certain objects, it was impossible to define all the means which it should use, because it was impossible for the founders to anticipate all future exigencies. Hamilton noted that the general welfare clause and the necessary and proper clause gave elasticity to the constitution. Hamilton won the argument with Washington, who signed his Bank Bill into law.

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