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Which of the gas explosions are the least dangerous?

Im referring to stuff like, chlorine and rubbing alochal, dry ice, and the aluminum foil and HCl one, if there are any others that give a gas build upCan u tell me what i need for it, and how safe (poison gases) it isIm looking for something like dry ice but not as hard to getI am planning on trying out an airsoft grenade for play.


Unfortunately the only bomb that is safe is a bomb with dry iceUsing Chlorine or HCL (which also has chlorine) will make Cl2 a gas that will damage lungs by breaking down the mucas and killing small organisms that live in all of our lungsWith dry ice you can not predict enough to make a stable bombThere are too many variables like temperature of the air and water, psi capacity of the container, and amounts of ice and water being usedYour best best for an airsoft grenade is one of the cheap paintball grenades.

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