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Which strength is better?

Im not sure which strength is better. emotional or physical. physical helps out very well through out your life. but emotional seems like you could accomplish somthing huge in the moment, and we've all heard the story of the grand lifting the car that her grandson was stuck under.


Neither is better. In order to be truly strong, you need strength of mind, body, and will/resolve (spirit). One without the others is like a cart with two wheels - it is either one that does not move at all without resistance, or a rickshaw that you will continually pull, exerting energy on pulling it rather than on improving.
its the design not the material
you can have all of the physical strength in the world but with out the emotional it won't matter. it goes both ways too. if you have tons of heart and nothing to back it you're screwed as well
I don't know about grandma lifting a car but maybe a mother. But you forgot the third strength, technique. Or maybe it's a subcategory of physical.

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