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Why are American people so weird?

I'm Australian and I live in Sydney ;) but why are Americans so weird??? Why are they so serious and panic about everything?? Even stupid stuff??? And why do they all try to act so politically correct??? Even the politicians are weird! Look at Hilliary Clinton, she's only the wife of bill!! And she's stupid and wares daggy clothesAnd the president is only a face, but has no personslity and has nothing important or interesting to say! And why does America stick it's nose where it doesn't belong?? Look at all the countries it's invadedThere are obese people there that have to be lifted by cranes, it's weird! And even the tv shows are weird! Like days of our lives, bold and beautifulIf you don't watch them for months then start watching again, the story still hasn't changed, ridge is still running from Brooke to Taylor!! It's stupid! And the celebrities are so fake! Fake boobs, fake teeth, all the cosmetic surgery, the ugly clothes and make up, their eating disordersSuch a weird country!!!! Why ??


We can be over spoiled because we have never gone without anythingI agree with you that everything has to be politically correctIt's ridiculousYou can't say one thing about a skin tone or your called a racist even if you are not at allIt's ridiculousHilary Clinton has a skin tone of white paste and she needs to seriously step down and forever get out of politicsI can completely see where you are coming fromI'm ashamed to see that this is what other countries see of our beautiful nationBut you are right.

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