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Why are evergreen trees used at the end of a cranes wire?

We saw one that way, and my Aunt mentioned they do it year round, not just during ChristmasI couldn't find it anywhere online (did find a picture of one though), even though I am normally good at finding things onlineDoes anyone have any information on why an evergreen is used, or why any tree would be at the end of the line of a crane when it isn't being used?P.Sif this isn't the place I should ask (like category wise) please give me any suggestionsI didn't know where to put it and this was what came up.


It is a variation of the construction tradition known as, topping outAccording to the article below, Scott LMelnick writes for the Modern Steel Construction website that topping out likely traces back to early Scandinavian or German Black Forest superstitionsHowever, use of symbolic plant material on completed buildings suggests some vague Native American and Egyptian tiesSymbolism Throughout history and in different cultures, the tree used for topping out bears different meaningsIt could mean celebration for obtaining a project goal, or remembrance of any workers killed during constructionVariations In the United States, steelworkers tend to carry on the topping out tradition, but rather than mounting an evergreen tree, they use a modern cultural substitution of a pole lifting the American flag+++There you have it I made that last part up myself– Thumper

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