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why are most of the contruction vehicles and heavy machineries are yellow in colour?

why are heavy constructions equipments painted in yellow?


Its a safety feature. It is a visible colour from a distance.
It makes them easier to see. It's a safety thing.
Yellow catches the attention of the eye better than any color on the spectrum, it is a warning of caution...that is why a caution light is yellow but a stop light is red...also why school buses are yellow etc. That correlation between hot colors and caution or stop probably correlates to primitive sense of how colors relate to a threat level...fire is orange...many venomous species are brightly colored...etc. Sorry for the rant
I believe the reason for the color choice for construction and heavy machinery is reflective of the choice of Yellow as a cautionary color. I worked commercial construction for 10 years and I never heard anyone express why they were yellow. One thing that I do know is that in most cases there are three leading manufactures of Heavy equipment. John Deer, Caterpillar and Case. John deers was the first manufactured of a construction bulldozed tractor it was yellow the first John Deer to be yellow. The construction series that followed were all yellow. Case and Caterpillar came latter and all of there equipment is yellow. Whether this is do to John Deer setting the stage or the result of an industrial standard I am not sure. However I do know that some of the not so well known equipment manufactures have equipment that is not yellow such as Hitachi who's equipment is reddish orange and Terex who's equipment is White or Blue, Doorsan who makes the Bobcat which is white. There are other companies that make other color equipment but the leading manufactures are the Yellow/Orange Signature color equipment companies, so this is what you see more heavy machinery of this color.
Because it is a very visible color. Same reason that the workers have to wear those yellow reflective vests. So people can see them and be aware of the possible dangers their presence bring.

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