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Why are people like Creation Crusher 5000 so bitter toward Christianity?

In all of his answers I've seen, he intentionally doesn't capitalize quot;Christianquot; and quot;Christianityquot;, while capitalizing everything else appropriately. And he has misinterpreted history at least 2 times tonight just to make Christianity/Christians look worse. What is with atheists like this? Did you have strict fundie parents or something? Even if so, it's no excuse for being so irrationally bitter toward one religion.


He's obviously struggling with an inner turmoil, and lashing out as a means to try and redirect his REAL frustration. Creation Crusher's conscience is working on him... the fact that God consumes a GOOD portion of his mind, is a GREAT SIGN. He's probably closer to repentance and the great gift of salvation, than he even realizes. Have a great day!
No, because he doesn't like Christianity, and I can understand that. Christianity has caused a lot of pain and death for many people over the course of history, and still is. Just look at the discrimination towards homosexuals and atheists. Also creationism is kind of crap, and it's annoying because there's no evidence for it but so many people somehow believe in it. I understand that not all Christians are the same, and many are kind, accepting people, and I know a lot who don't believe in creationism and don't take the bible word for word, but some people judge all Christians for the discriminatory brainwashing ones. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just explaining why he feels the need to do that. I had atheist parents, but people who had strict fundie parents would be more bitter I think. I hope I helped you to see it from his point of view.
Because while there might be nice Christians out there, at the same time there are people telling their children to handle rattlesnakes for Jesus, and the Westboro Baptist Church protesting funerals. Maybe Christianity as a whole doesn't deserve the bitterness, but it certainly shares some of the blame. The irrational belief at the core of Christianity (and all other organized religions I know of) is that you can believe it if this holy book (or prophet, or leader, or whatever) says it. There might be nice and good Christians who never hurt anyone, but they are committing this same fallacy that their evil, rattlesnake-handling, gay-fearing counterparts are committing. So why be nice? Why not attack the foundations of the edifice itself and say that if you believe that people living centuries ago can tell you more about the nature of reality than modern knowledge can, you are part of the problem? No quarter to irrational belief, no matter how crazy or nice the believer. That's not irrational bitterness, it's fairness.
We don't need to misrepresent Christianity, it makes itself look bad enough. As for the Atheists that are hostile to Christianity... because it has caused a lot of problems from us. They used to kill people like us, you know (non-believers). They imprisoned Galileo for being right and daring to question their authority. Some Christians think blowing up medical clinics is okay (terrorism). There's a lot of reasons to be bitter. That said, I'm not in particular because I realize religion is just a cultural artifact that doesn't do anything on its own. Bad people will do bad things with it. Good will do good things with it. Christianity didn't make people stupid or do bad things. They did it on their own and used Christianity as an excuse.
Many of the people who label themselves as atheists are not atheists at all. They are just reacting to a negative religious upbringing. Having finally seen the conflicting nonsense that religion told them as a lie, they assume that everything that religion told them must be a lie too. God included. So they sort of throw the baby (God) out with the bath water (religion) If you ask these people to describe the God that they don't believe in they invariably describe an angry judgmental punishing god that lives on a far off cloud called heaven. This I can understand because I don't believe in that God either. Love and blessings Don

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