Why are some red wine cap?

Why are some red wine caps?


This really needs good storage conditions, high temperature and humidity requirements. As a result, many of the wines in the new world are unscrewed with metal plugs, so that the possibility of air entry is well avoided, and the leakage is not caused by temperature or other reasons. So the metal plug unscrew used more and more widely, especially in the middle and low (300 yuan) in the wine, the wine market accounted for the family table, are generally not separate high-grade wine tasting, so there is no perennial preservation concerns.
The wine stopper of traditional red wine is oak stopper, so when putting red wine, lie down and let the wine liquid fully touch the wine stopper in the bottle, so that it won't dry and break into air.
But many high-end wines still choose oak stopper. On its own high value, natural humidity, temperature and other storage conditions, businesses will pay great attention to, while the high-end wine consumers are also directed at the traditional process of consumption, so oak plug is indispensable.

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