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Why can't I find my U disk?

I have a 64M U disk that worked properly. But recently plugged into the socket, the computer will prompt the discovery of removable hard disk, and then installed successfully. Open my computer can not find U disk drive, but the computer indicates a removable disk, is not my U disk has been damaged or what other reasons?Thank you very much in advance!I've changed several computers, and that's all!


In this way, you see what your CD-ROM disk is, and if the CD-ROM is G disk, then your U disk is HYou can hit H: in the address bar of my computer to get into the U diskIf your CD-ROM is F, then your U disk is G, and so on, you see, what's the matter to ask me?
1. go to the system directory C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers to see if there is a sptd.sys file. Delete it and restart it. Problem solving! Note: this sptd.sys is not owned by Microsoft Windows. (probably installed on Daemon Tools.)Mapped network drives in the 2.1. system. The drive cannot be assigned to the U disk.Solution: disconnect the mapped network driveThe 3 letter is hidden.Solution: enter the registry (regedit.exe) and enter the "HEKY-CURRENT-USERSoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexplorer" branch. Find the key value "NOdrives" that exists on this path, and delete it. Log off and login again. (not the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key)The 4.U disk is not in the correct formatThe general U disk is using HD (hard disk FAT16) format, and if you start the program using the U disk, the U disk format may not be correct. Please use PQ, PPM and other hard disk partition software to re partition;5.usb mobile storage devices are disabledPlease guarantee:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesusbehci]"Start" =dword:000000046.U disk problem.Solution: reformat the U disk. The best low-level format, to find a U online disk tools.Not really. That's the last move: clean the Windows XP again!
2, the vast majority of problems are due to the following settings. Solution: right click on the bottom taskbar, select Properties > custom, and then within the safe delete hardware set to always show".3, the first flash memory is inserted into the USB interface, and then right-click "my computer" icon in the Windows 2000/XP, launched in the "properties - hardware device, device management, disk drive", "USB Flash Drive USB Device found" (different brand name can flash "can be different, and then double-click) it opens the" USB Flash Drive USB Device Properties dialog box. Switch to the policy tab, select optimize to improve performance, and click OK to exit.You go to the control panel management tool, computer management, to find the distribution of a mobile hard disk drive, OKOpen device manager, open the properties window of removable disk in disk drive, and select Delete in the set item. Then check the current drive letter assignment "option, if not for the U disk allocation drive letter, would" reserve driver "is assigned a U disk.

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