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Why do my ceramic bowls get hot in the microwave?

I have these ceramic bowls with bright color glazes: yellow, orange, lime green, blue. If I try to microwave something in them, the bowl gets scorching hot and the food stays cool. What might be in my bowls that‘s absorbing microwaves?


I can't be sure but I would guess your bright color glazes are actually electrically conductive. They may include metallic particles in them.
Moisture in the ceramics is driven out by firing, but this isn't always done completely. If there is still moisture in the ceramic when it is glazed, the glaze will trap the moisture in the ceramic. Water molecules are polar, and the microwaves cause them to rotate back and forth, which is the atomic motion we call heat. If there are water molecules in the ceramic, they will heat up. There isn't anything you can do to fix it.
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