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Why do my neighbors keep parking in fire zones?

In my apartment complex, there are about half a dozen neighbors who continuously, despite warnings from the office, park in red fire zones. The weird part is, the office has stated that what most other neighbors are upset about is not this, but an excess of people parking who don't have permits. What gives?


sharkbite fittings seem to work well, but mine are only a year old. you MUST true up [square up] the end of the pipe to be fitted and clean it as well. If that's copper, the smallest pipe cutter that will fit works ok, followed by sandpaper and a clean rag. the salesman at the store will help you understand. btw, my neighbor had a bad experience with the competitor's similar product. Since he's an a/c technician, I know he did the square up and clean process well, so the issue is the fittings themselves. sharkbite fittings can not be used within 18 inches of the hot water tank [on the hot or outlet side]. see store for other restrictions, including pressure.
maybe mow strips at different times? so some of it is longer than the other so it would appear darker?

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