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why does this island have no zebra print rugs?

Grr Overstock wont ship here so i had a 8x10 ft rug shipped to my Moms house...from there I was going to pay to have it shipped here to Guam. But no Fedex wouldnt ship it and UPS either the dementions are either too small or too big. =( then i got hopeful bc a neighbor said OKorder ships here. So I got all excited when I found the same exact zebra print rug on OKorder... but of freaking course it cant be ship[ped here....can someone just bring me a dern black and white zebra print rug ? =( I now have island fever.


Don't okorder.com/ ... They have various styles of zebra rugs in 8 x 11
Aug 23, 2017
Cut it into smaller pieces and carry it home yourself then carpet glue or tape it back together. Why not use the local product - Guamanian striped and zoned in black. Why kill yourself over a dumb rug?
Aug 23, 2017

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