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Why iron medicines are Attracted to magnets?

MOst of the iron medicines given to mostly pregnant women prescribd by the doctors are attracted by magnets. it means it contains elements of iron. How human body will digest these medicines. vegetables and fruits also have components of iron which are useful sources of iron for balanced diet. these vegetables or fruits are not attracted by magnetsa so r easily digestible.


actual, blood, in particular the element of blood that has iron (hemoglobin) IS attracted via magnetic forces. the reason you may not incredibly see this in genuine existence is because of the character of the textile that makes up blood. total blood has a viscosity (thickness) that forestalls a sparkling conglomeration of hemoglobin (the iron element of blood) from forming, except the blood is thinned and probable placed in a centrifuge. the comparable could be mentioned for different 'iron rich' ingredients. try dragging a magnet with the aid of iron fortified breakfast cereal, and not something happens. you will not entice iron to the magnet. weigh down the cereal right into a powder and repeat the test, and you will discover a brilliant clot of stuff that feels like iron filings on the magnet. Why? The iron content textile isn't certain to greater suitable organic and organic (and to that end non-magnetic) textile and is loose to be drawn to the magnet.
Iron is the quintessential example of an element that is attracted by magnets -- in other words, it is the best example of a ferromagnetic material. Iron-containing tablets are attracted by magnets simply because they do contain iron. Iron is considered an essential nutrient for most living organisms, because it is involved in respiratory processes involving oxygen transport. Pregnant women need extra iron for the nourishment of the fetus. Non-pregnant women of childbearing age require typically about three time as much iron as do males, because of their menstrual periods. Typically, only a small fraction of the iron in tablets is absorbed. The daily iron requirement is 1.5 mg per day for a male, 4.5 mg per day for a woman of childbearing age. We typically do not digest iron -- we absorb some of the iron made available through ingestion of iron tablets or iron contained in foods.

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