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Why is my gas stove setting off the smoke detector?

The oven was preheating for about five minutes when the smoke detector started to go off, not the carbon monoxide detector. There was no smoke coming out of the oven, but the noise was very loud so we just turned it off and gave up on the pizza.This is a new apartment, so we have never used the oven prior to this event. Why was it setting of the smoke detector? We want to make pizza. And fries. And baked goods.


Keeping plumbing fixtures in close proximity not only minimize supply side piping, it can also minimize the waste side piping. So yes, it makes economic sense to do that.
The shields are the rings on the sides of the bearings that cover the gap between the inner (next to the axle) and outer (presses into the wheel) bearing races. They can be colored or the same color as the races. Since you are saying colored, I will guess that you have ones that feel like a rubber surface. That type is easy and safely removed. Slip a pin under the inside edge of the shield and slide it parallel to the flat side of the bearing. Gently lift the shield. The outside is just held by the edge of the rubber like material and will pull out. It doesn't matter if you bend a few, you only need to put one back on when you put the bearings back. Just put the open side to the inside of the wheel where no dirt can get in it. I normally do not even remove one shield. I can clean the bearings well with one left on and I never put the other one back. Just don't forget to put the spacer back between the bearings when you reassemble the wheels, they won't turn well.

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