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Why is my motorcycle alarm smoking?

Hello worldBought a new alarm the other day just tried to fit it, all seemed to work correctly until I set it off, as soon as I set it off the +wire started smoking :/In my opinion that means there is too much power going to it 12.9 volts is what my battery is reading (isnt that average?)The alarm Iv got is a beret 5000Can someone PLEASE help me asap!


Dont hold off for too long or all hell will break loose!!! Maybe you should turn on your computer and ask her to read this question youre asking us. Its sincere
Make her laugh first then drop the bomb. Either way she'll get over it and it will be a thing of the past.
Honesty is your best policy in this situation. ummm Mom, I don't know how to tell you this but, I accidentally scratched the car. then explain to her what happened. If you approach her with adult honesty and accept responsibility for your action she may take that into consideration when considering what to do. It sounds like you and your mom have an open relationship anyway so I would hope that if you discuss with her what happened and how you plan on preventing it from happening in the future she should be fairly lenient.
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Tell her what you just said,you were trying to avoid hitting the other car and did not see the hydrant. We all have accidents and since you are new driving it is exspected I don't think she will take anything away from you and thank goodness it was not really bad.When I was 16 I hit a line of six mail boxes when I was backing up my moms car lol

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