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Why should hot food in the microwave oven, hot dish, but it is not very hot bowl?

I don't know is my hot food in the microwave oven set time is too short, or microwave oven have this function recently bought a new microwave oven, hot dish, bowl is not hot before the microwave oven, hot food, then two minutes, when the bowl of super hot, but new, bought two minutes, food hot, but take the bowl is not hot What reason is this? Mainly want to know...


Now in the microwave oven USES a variety of cooking methods, such as midea microwave oven has conventional heating and steaming function. And the principle of microwave heating in microwave prompted molecular kinetic friction heating of food, so that the food is heated. You buy should be steamed function of microwave, the specific need you provide the manufacturer and model, so that price comparison clear and you explain the principle.
The microwave starts heating food in the middle, if a lot of food, tableware under the condition of small may be the cause of what you say. If less heated food bowl should also hot.
This kind of phenomenon is normal, the first microwave is through food water molecules within the shock friction heat, if you are short heating time, heat above the food hasn't passed to the table above, then when tableware not hot, if you heat a little bit more, will be very hot. There is also a situation is, the tableware with metal interlayer, metal to reflect to microwave, microwave cannot penetrate the metal will not heat the metal. Again is that you use the microwave oven is now tablet microwave oven, microwave launch from the bottom up, the bottom of the tableware very hot, but it is still normal temperature around.
The principles of microwave heating is material under the action of microwave electron polarization, atomic polarization, interfacial polarization, dipole steering, the microwave electromagnetic energy into heat energy. Obviously, not all of the material can be heated by microwave, according to the material and the effect of microwave properties of the material can be divided into three categories: (1) transparent type, mainly is the low loss insulators, such as most of the polymer materials and some non-metallic materials, can make the part reflection and penetration of microwave, rarely absorbing microwave, this kind of material can be long-term in microwave field, little heat, wave materials commonly used for heating cavity in the body, such as tetrafluoroethylene can be used in microwave vacuum cavity through wave plate. (2) the total reflection type, great conductivity metal materials, the material of microwave reflection coefficient is close to 1, and only a tiny amount of the incident microwave can penetrate into, can be used as microwave heating equipment in the waveguide and microwave cavity, mixer, etc.; (3) the absorption, mainly are some of the dielectric material between metal and an insulator, including textile fiber materials, paper, wood, ceramics, water, paraffin wax, etc., the application of microwave sintering technology object mainly ceramic materials and metal powder materials. With the microwave food often more water, very suitable for microwave heating, and tend to choose food vessel is transparent to microwave materials, ptfe as mentioned above, or quartz material, due to the vessel absorbing so it will not be heated, absorbing food is very easy to heat. You now this microwave efficiency is very high!

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