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Wii Homebrew:Does PRELOADER affect the Backup Loader?

Does PRELOADER affect the Backup Loader?Because I get Exception errors when i reboot using the Backup Loader..How do I uninstall PRELOADER? It seems to interfere with my other homebrew apps..


Yes, when you install a certain CIOS/IOS, it can change how the Wii operates and some cease to work for Homebrew apps. As for your Backup Launcher, you cannot reboot or else your Wii will crash. You can only play backups by using the Backup Launcher. To uninstall: The simplest and safest way to remove preloader is to reinstall the System Menu using AnyRegion Changer or a WAD installer. You can also use restoremii with the bootmii app to reinstall your backup of your system menu, if you had bootmii installed before preloader was installed.

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