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Will getting my transmission fluid change ruin my transmission?

Today I got my transmission fluid changed cause it was really dark, not the color it‘s supposed to be. Then I got home and my boyfriend told me that my transmission is probably going to crap out in a month cause my car is used to running with the gunk in it. I bought the car (mitsubishi eclipse 2003) A year ago, used, from a used car lot and they didn‘t really tell me anything about the previous maintence on it. Can anyone give me any advice, tips, etc? I really don‘t need it taking a crap right now.


Its ok if they did a regular fluid change, but if they did a flush then it might affect the transmission, if the fluid was really burn then I'd be a little worried
I wouldn't worry about it. Import cars have drain plugs on the transmissions. When you drain and fill a tranny it only changes 25% of the fuild. That isn't enough to freak out the Trans. You should be okay. Just keep driving
The warning about old transmission fluid relates to flushing the transmission, not to changing it. The concern is that the transmission passages may have debris in them that can be dislodged by flushing. Personally, I am not a fan of transmission flushing unless the owner's manual specifies it. You have done good - it would have been worse with the old fluid. Be aware that draining never replaces all the fluid (often less than half the fluid can be drained) so you are just getting the beginning of the service done. After three changes you should be caught up. If you follow the schedule in the owner's manual, maybe accelerating the changes a bit, you should get caught up soon enough.

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