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Will marijuana smoke set off a fire alarm?

It's not a regular fire alarm. Not one that you buy in home depot. It's linked through my families burglar system. When it goes it the fire dept. is automatically notified and they come within 5 minutes. I really need to know if marijuana smoke would set off the detector.


Only if you hit them at the speed of a bat out of hell. Slow down, that is why they are there. Too fast and your front end will suffer potentially severe damage, at minimum an alignment problem. Too fast can also cause you to loose control as did my ex-wife who went on to wreck my new 1973 Mustang as she was not wearing a seat belt, bounced out of the driver's seat onto the console turning the steering wheel as she did, to then run over a gas meter, causing $1500.00 damage at that time to my car. New it was about $4200.00.
They are BAD They can break shocks and springs..
they are designed to make you go slow,,if you hit them hard enough you tear your car up,,like bust a strut,,or something worse,,believe me i see this all the time.
slower is better. passing over a speed bump at 15 mph or faster will cause damage to your undercarriage and shocks. if the speed bump is built correctly it will not harm your car unless you pass over at a fast speed.
Depends on which country, and location you live. Strength is always valued, but common sense and some brains put you at the top of the list. Here in the USA many fire departments require that applicants have at least an EMT-B certification, and FF2 certification. Some fire science college credits go a long way too. Where I live, there are many volunteer firefighters, and training is free for participating members. I know quite a few who joined at 18 and after training found a position on a paid department. In the military, as long as you got the brains, they will teach you everything you need to know, just don't hang out with dirt bags, do what your told, and you'll do fine.

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