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Wire and cable should be used in parallel when the attention

Why is the cable wall to be laid on the wall?


. it is easy to understand, assuming that there is only one access and aggregation switches. A group of source signals and only in an optical fiber transmission, because the optical fiber transmission is one-way, send and receive each need a light, so the cable can only and 2 core. A 2-core cable ends with jumpers and pigtails to form the basic link. The basic configuration for a 2-core cable, dual port (dual port for the 2-core, single-port 1-core) jumper . 4 pigtail, coupler 4. The icon is a basic link. . the reason why you do not understand how to configure, the main reason is that the actual construction process, the engineers are often based on the actual situation and the specific needs of the configuration. For example, the link to do 4 heavy backup, for the future decoration of the floor reserved, the other unchanged, then the cable has become 8-core; patch panel reservation point 2 heavy backup, then the pigtail has become . coupling But also a link down: a 8-core cable, dual-port (dual-port for the 2-core), the connector is . so a link down: , Single-port 1-core) jumper . 8 pigtail, coupler 24 only. And then you messy: lying groove, which Nima in the end what corresponds to the relationship? What's the connection? The proportion of each project configuration is not the same ah? Can not find the law. A person only a pair of feet, the basic configuration of a pair of shoes is enough, but the actual situation of the number of shoes each person is not the same, as to why different, only the parties to understand. . therefore, in order to know how much tail fiber, first, in accordance with what I said the first point, understand the basic configuration; second, according to customer needs and engineers to consider the specific way of construction, do not 5% -10% Redundant, need not need a backup, in order to understand the correspondence between these numbers.
If the fiber optic cable is 8-core and the number of pigtails is . the formula is: number of pigtail = number of optical fibers * 2
Divided into two pieces of materials and artificial, fiber optic core configuration based on the number of pigtail.

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