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Work done to life a ball?

A 1000-lb wrecking ball hangs from a 50-ft cable of density 6 lb/ft attached to a craneCalculate the work done if the crane lifts the ball from ground level to 50 ft in the air by drawing in the cable.I can't figure this outcan someone help me?


The work done is the Mass moved times the distance moved the 1000 lb ball moves 50 feet and the cable mass is moved an average of 25 feet because the first half moves less and the rest moves morethe mass of the cable is 6 x 50 or 300 Lb {1000 x 50} + (300 x 25) 50,000 + 7500 57,500 FT/LBSFT./LBS is the unit of work in the English system.

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