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Would an Enema be for someone like me?

Hey, I'm a 20 year old guy/ I was under extreme anxiety about a possible combat tour because I am in the military, and other things bothering meHowever, this caused me to become very constipatedI was ordered to take metamucil powdered fiber, and it did not helpSo i was prescribed pills that just made me illThen finally I was prescribed mira-lax which helped some, but not muchThen I bought colon-detox pills which again helped for a short time, but no longer help.Should I buy an OTC enema and give it to myself?


Sure just grease or spray the cupcake pan really good so it doesn't stick.
You don't need the cupcake cups, just grease the container :)
Are you certain there could be nothing else causing the constipation? If so, discontinue whatever that isIf not, drink more waterIf drinking more water does not provide immediate enough remedy, you could try magnesium citrate laxatives (the little green bottles), although I'm not certain of their efficacy given that the mode of action is similar to miralaxYou won't want to leave the house after ingesting those puppies, btwAlso, I'm not your doctor, so I would not try anything I say, nor can I be held liable if you didPeaceNote, this is for the short termFor the long term I would recommend upping your real non-soluble fiber intake (and keep drinking enough water) to give your stool substanceI'm guessing that if it is stress induced, the problem is also related to under-eatingChill out with some fiber one bars and some cracklin' oat bran, etcProducts that contain chicory root are especially effectatious.
Don't use foilYou can make them right in the pan, that's how I make cornbread muffinsJust make sure its a good non-stick pan and you butter it a little bitWhen they are done, let them cool a bit before you try to remove them; best to let them cool a few minutes, and then rather than trying to just take them out, turn them a bit like you are unscrewing themIf they turn easily, then they will pop out perfectlyIf not, let them cool a bit longer and try again.
You vcan use custard cups and little ramikins with the cupcake cups, or you can use well buttered cupcake tinsCupcakes without the tins leave a real mess to clean up, and the cupcakes don't last as long because all those crumbs on the side are exposed to the airI think a better option is a trip to the store.

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