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would i benifit in gaming picture quality with an lcd computer monitor?

i currently have a samsung 700DF (dyna flat) monitor with a .20mm dot pitch and i play alot of pc games like lost planet, gears of war pc, battlefield 2142 with everything set to max on these games with a asus geforce 9600gt TOP (overclocked edition) so would i benifit with a lcd screen


yeah maybe.get atleast a 20 inch LCD if you plan on getting 1rmb to look at the specsmake sure the response is atleast 5 MS or below and get one with a good contrast ratio
individually i think of liquid crystal reveal's are severe high quality in case you have a funds for them, yet no longer a precedence. an excellent CRT visual reveal unit has merely as rapid reaction time and merely as good image high quality. once you're evaluating a high quality CRT with a low high quality liquid crystal reveal then of course the CRT is worth protecting. additionally, (a private determination) I choose to play video games on great displays, so if I had to sacrifice a great CRT for slightly liquid crystal reveal that must be a deal-breaker. once you're gaming, your video card is plenty greater important than your visual reveal unit (assuming you have a genuine looking visual reveal unit), because of the fact thats what provides the resolutions and physique costs. no longer exciting enjoying on a great severe-res liquid crystal reveal once you're chugging alongside at 12fps at 800x600! If it became into me, identity choose to place the money into an excellent video card. i unquestionably did this final three hundred and sixty 5 days and offered a remarkable-of-the-line CRT from an public sale for $70. those issues new have been $1600 so it became into an incredible good deal. With what I saved on the cost of an liquid crystal reveal i became into waiting to pass out and with the help of an 8800gts to interchange my 2600 professional. My gaming experience became into great because of the fact the image high quality on the CRT became into wonderful, and my pictures card became into turning interior the resolutions and frames. Its a private determination although. I dont think of every physique can heavily inform you what you should or shouldnt purchase. its as much as you.
Actually no. The only benefits you will have by upgrading to a LCD are the ability to view HDCP copy protected DVD (and BlueRay if you have a BlueRay reader on your computer) movies at 1080p if you get a 24 LCD, size and weight. CRTs do some things that LCDs just can't do. CRTs response time is Zero ms. CRT has a refresh rate that is adjustable to a higher value than all common LCDs and most ultra-high end commercial LCDs. CRTs can change resolution and maintain optimal picture quality. LCDs have to be run at their native resolution for the optimal picture. A high end CRT is still what most perfectionists in the video and photo arenas use for editing. I still use one when I want the absolute best from my photo editing. If you want to spend a lot of time watching DVD and Blue Ray format movies on your monitor get a 24 LCD.

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