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Wouldnt a better car alarm be a recorded voice hollering for help?

Wouldn‘t you look up if you heard a car yelling help me, help me, I‘m being stolen?


With the losses inherent interior the motor and the alternator, the battery will steadily bypass flat. truly a motor itself places some potential again into the circuit, it makes use of plenty to commence yet them the quantity of cutting-edge drops significant because it runs. i'm no longer particular what your question has to do with automobiles and transportation even if.
These car alarms exist already the play mp3 files so all you would have to do is make a recording of something interesting i think i could be annoying immagine a car alarm calling you a fat A*****e i would be more inclined to break that cars windows.
I would. I might even crinkle my forehead and nose trying to figure out what was going on. What if a car's alarm could yell at the person trying to steal it? Muthaf*****! Get your broke zz hands of me!
some alarms have that/the amount of alarms going off all over the malls is overwhelming/to get attention you would have to have a flame that shoots up 40 ft in the air and emits enough smoke to close down a highway/and then maybe just maybe

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