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How to remove plaster from cement board?

My bathroom has a section where there is cement board. Over the cement board is a layer of plaster. Tiles were glued to the plaster. However, the plaster came off of most of the cement board over time. Of course, the tiles have fallen off too. So now I have bare cement board partially covered by plaster.I'd like to remove the remaining plaster from the cement board and then retile directly over the cement board.How to best remove the remaining plaster? Is chipping away at it the only method?


Use a four inch razor scraper to scrape off the worst of it then use a wet sponge and the rest should wash off easily.Also if you need to you can wet the plaster to help make it easier to scrape.
May 11, 2017
it might be easier to cut the section out and start fresh
May 11, 2017
By the use of paraffine
May 11, 2017

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