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Why should the gas water heater 2 angle valve? Intake is not enough?

I want to change the gas water heater, but I see online installation instructions are recommended for the 2 corners of a water inlet valve of a water outlet, which I do not understand the installation of a water inlet angle valve closed valve outlet and then what to do?


Yes, it is convenient for the maintenance of water heaters.Only in the gas water heater a tap water inlet valve installed on the pipeline angle on it; when the water heater needs maintenance, replacement, maintenance, close the tap water inlet pipe angle valve, cut off the tap water inlet, water heater can be repaired easily.If you do not install the angle valve, when the water heater needs maintenance, to the total valve closed home tap water, the total valve or district centralized control management, or shut down other uses can not use tap water, not convenient.Ideally, the cut-off valve is installed on the tap water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet pipe of the gas water heater.
Jul 19, 2017
Landlord Hello, there are some angle valve is hot and cold water. Hot and cold water angle valve is not necessary, you can not, but mounted angle valve is to once there is a problem, you can use angle valve control, water leakage will not occur, the role of insurance.If the mixing valve before the hose can not be installed if the angle valve hose, because the hose is easily broken, the water heater inlet pipe and the valve are far away, can not be closed before the hose must have angle valve.Hope to be of some help to you
Jul 19, 2017
Gas water heater with 2 nozzle, respectively (water inlet entrance) and outlet (hot water outlet), usually only in the assembly of the 1 valve on the water inlet and outlet valves do not, because the water outlet is not closed after water outflow.
Jul 19, 2017

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