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Why wont my CA 42 data cable work?

I have installed the latest version of Nokia PC Suite in my computer. I got the message that for the cable to work i have to download service pack 1 for windows xp. When i connect the cable to my phone, it shows me that data enhancement has been connected. However when i connect it to my computer it doesnt work. What is wrong?


When you install Nokia PC Suite you have Nokia Connection Manager installed as part of the package. If would be running in the system tray and/or you can access it from StartPrograms. Open that and select the connection as Cable USB. When you connect the USB Cable to the computer does the computer show new device connected and installs the drivers. If not check your USB Drivers and Reinstall PC Suite. I think this should help you out. By the way whats your Phone Model Number. If you need further clarifications please get back to me.
Dec 7, 2017
check your computers usb jack with some other usb perapherals/devices connecting, if it works then your usb drivers are ok installed in your PC for USB connections or USB HUB. if not then check out your USB jack is off or disable in systems as device manager, or then USB port is obseleted for CA 42, or simply it is hardware cause melfunctioned, rust or dust something , sprey with philips contact solution (w/o oil) and try in and out the USB pin of CA 42 in it various times in a series. then put it in asnd check if it works. if not then simply buy a USB 1 X 4 or 1 X 8 port hub cost 400/- Rupees PKR to 700/- PKR. another point is that the connection of CA-42 on Mobile side is looser in tighten lock hooks, you can try to move it while up down left right while usab side of CA-423 is inserted in computer and Mobile side with working in moving. you can also apply Philips contact (w/o oil) solution on Mobile side of cable connection and clear the dust particles with miniature screw drivers of some tooth brush to remove it and sprey it again. (do this operation while cell phone is off and the battery is disconnected.) do not sprey it in other areas of cell phone specially in the screen front or side or any where else, either if penetrate in scree side can make your cell's screnn watery looks and tends to change of screen ,which is expensive and make your cell phone warrety disqualify. try change of cable on the same computer and mobile or check it on some mobile software shops
Dec 7, 2017

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