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1990 chevy lumina euro, broke cv joint or axle?

Wondering when i get it apart, is there a clip of some kind by the tranny to remove the cv joint or will it just slide out, feedback very helpfull, thx drivers side axle.


Once you get the axle out of and away from the spindle(the part where it goes through the hub), and you are ready to remove it from the transmission. Take a big pry bar or very large flat head screwdriver and simply pry the axle stub out of the trans. The only clip on the axle is on the axle itself and will not get in the way. Next just pop the new axle in the trans just like you took it out making sure it slides all of the way in flush with the trans. Good luck.
May 28, 2018
on the trans side of the axle there is a circular clip almost at end of axle splines inside trans,now you can not see it but trust me it is there,sometimes you might luck up and give them a good tug and they come right out though most of the time they need a little persuasion with a long screw driver or pry bar to help pop it out of tranny
May 28, 2018
To remove the CV joint on your Chevy Lumina, an untight L bolt around the CV joint is needed. There is about 6 L bolts around the CV joint behind the boot.
May 28, 2018

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