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Do i have to rotate my axles ?

I'm planning on putting on 46 inch Mickey Thompson baja claw tires on my 1979 GMC sierra i and 18inch of lift i know i need 2 new drive shafts but what i want to know if do i have to rotate my axles. and can someone tell me a good website that makes tuff drive shafts but the way i'm putting 572 in it. thanks in advance.


I had to read your question 3 times to understand it's meaning I assume you mean rotate them upward to reduce driveshaft and pinion angle Yes you should try to eliminate as much angle as possible to avoid u-joint bind. Unfortunately,this is a lot of work with relocating spring pads and shock mounts but with 18 of lift and 46's i really don't see a choice. The front axle is the hardest because after you rotate the axle all the steering angles for your tierods and draglinks need to be corrected as well. Hope this helps you out.Sounds like it's gonna be really cool when it is done. Good Luck
May 28, 2018

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