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1992 dodge dakota rear end axles?

removed axles to replace brake backing plates. What is the procedure to get axles aligned to put back They go to the edge of the rear end and then stop getting hung up with very little pressure where you have to tap them back out. they slipped right out, do they slip that easily back and how do you align them and how much pressure do you need to put the back?


move them up and down and turn them a little and they will go back in place and installing them from that point is opposite of removing them,they have to align back up with the splines on the gears in the differential unit,then install the four bots back in it an tighten them to specs,and you know the rest of it,don't force them in or hit on them they,ll go back in once the splines are lined back up on it,yours is the dana type, when one axle goes in so far put the horse shoe clip in it and turn it around to the other one,and do the same thing on it,its just binding is all that wrong with it,make sure the spider gear is aligning up with it other wise it will be real hard to get back in,it sometimes takes two people to get them back in right,good luck with it.
May 28, 2018

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