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1997 mercury mountaineer awd rear axle change out?

I am about to change out the rear driver side axle on my 1997 mercury mountaineer and I could use a little info on it. What exactly do I need to do to pull out the axle? I have changed out a few rear ends, but never an axle. The rear end that I am using for parts came out of a 2 wheel drive, and the rear end under my mountaineer is positive traction to go along with being an all wheel drive. Exactly what do I have to do to pull out and replace the driver side axle? I am planning on putting in new bearings and a new seal, I just need some info on pulling the axles on these rear ends. Any info to help with this soon to come task would be greatly appreciated.


It is not a bad job. Pull inspection cover off the back of the Diff. Let the oil drain in to a pan. You should have the back it off the ground. You will see the ring gear and the side gears and carrier bears. Turn the cent ring gear till you see a 8mm bolt. This bolt can be hard to get out. Take it out and pull the pin. Push the axle in till you can pull the half moom keeper out. You should have taken the wheel and push in the axle. You will find four bolts. Take these bolts out. Tap on the plate to lossen it up. Don't pry it with anything for it has to reseal to the housing.Then pull the axle out. The carrier bearing will come with the axle. It is pressed on and cannot be installed any other way. Some model the carrier bearing and the seal are not pressed on. pull the axle. Pull the seal and pop the bearing out. The race is the hardest pice to get out. It does need to be changed or shorten the bearing life. Because it is wear. Make sure the new axle is the same size and match on the ends. Including the lug spacing. Some time four wheel drive have heavier axles. Check the the little tag on both axles. They sould be the same. But the axle are use in two wheel as well. They are not set up as NASCAR quick change. So the thrird does not need to be moved. Hopefut this has helped you.
May 28, 2018
The easiest way is to jack up the car on that side using a stand style jack under the frame.Proceed to remove the wheel and rotor,then use a chain and wrap it around the axle at one end and either a whinch or another vehicle at the other.Then simply pull it off.it's very easy just be careful but you do have to apply a serious amount of torque to free it.good luck
May 28, 2018

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