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1998 Ford Ranger Front Axle Bind Up?

Hello, let me draw a picture for ya. On the 1998 ford ranger the front half shaft goes through the wheel hub, it should spin freely and move where ever it wants (like my driverside) now, it is somehow locked up inside the hub, but the tire spins, and I can turn the whole assembly by hand but the axle does not spin within the hub. From what I know the inside of the wheel hub is completely round, along with the axle, so how could there be a way for the axle to bind up inside the wheel hub? Thanks and please feel free to ask more questions. Nick


Ok let me get this straight, the axle doesn't turn when you are trying just on dry pavement? I'm trying to figure out what you are saying as I know axles with limited slip can be hard to turn, also what you are describing, I can't remember how the locks work on that model (I mainly see f-series) you might have a hub locked? Email me if you have more questions/answers
May 28, 2018
before you may positioned the recent pads over the rotor you first would desire to re-compress the pistons into the caliper. I often use between the old brake pads and a c-clamp to softly and flippantly squeeze the caliper pistons back flush to the caliper. in no way open the bleeder except you intend to do an entire bleed and top off.! additionally, now which you have permit the fairly some fluid out, you're able to desire to purely right it off in the reservoir once you compress the pistons. reliable success with this one.
May 28, 2018

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