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2000 Nissan Maxima CV axle?

I was looking online at advance for prices for a cv axle(automatic transmission) and notice they have a Standard Constant Velocity Axle Assembly and a Automatic Constant Velocity Axle Assembly . What is the difference between the two(pros and cons) and does it matter which one I use for my car?


The axles are different for the type of differential in that car. LOOK at the door Vin# sticker under 'Trans the automatic trans RE4F04A is a open differential car the RE4F04V has a viscous clutch limited slip differential. No pros or cons. With correct information the axle supplier can get you the correct parts that will work and fit your car. Manual trans cars can also have viscous differential. Vin# sticker RS5F50A open diff. And the RS5F50V for the limited slip version. Good Luck
May 28, 2018
until you comprehend a lot approximately autos, thats precise. I had an 04 Maxima and the factors around axles have been all pressed into place. I had a chum with a press who became into waiting to help me. a prevalent mechanic wouldnt try this although.your precise it is less demanding to replace the entire component. yet we without notice met alot of issues. maintenance for those issues are high priced and perplexing. sturdy luck?
May 28, 2018
That year's Maxima came with either a five-speed stick or a four-speed automatic; if you have the stick, you get the Standard, and if you have the slushbox, you get the Automatic.
May 28, 2018

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