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2001 Chevy blazer Solid Axle Swap?

looking to do a solid axle swap on my o1 zr2 blazer. If anyone has any recommendations on what i should use it would be greatly appreciated. I have a budget in mind. Anyone know how much its roughly gunna cost me?


Get an old one from the junk yard. rear axles are bullet proof and last the life of a vehicle with no problem. What makes them fail is wreaks. If you have an overdrive get 373 gears. No overdrive get an even lower gear, 342:1. Its a bolt on part so you can do it in a weekend. Brakes springs and shocks drive-shaft. use all the same hardware and it can be 100.00 in a weekend.NOTE: don't be surprised or worried that the spring parches will not fit correctly. just put one side on and wench the other side up with a come-along, and bolt it up.
check the axis and bearings

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