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2001 Nissan Altima Driver side Axle replacement?

How much would it cost including labor? A mechanic told me that the spindle and brake line need to be replaced and that he would do it for 700. Is this a good deal?


Well if all this wrong. And the labor rates in your area. I would check with other shops in your area. Where he is going to use after maket part or rebuild or new parts. You may be getting a good deal for your area. Or he may rip you off with used parts and charge you for new or rebuild parts. I het is using combinatio of parts that would save you money. Cause all new part from the dealer would cost you more. A used spindle is okay to use and rebuild axle are about half the cost of new part out of the box. You need to talk to him if they are all new of a mixual of part to save you money. Some vehicle you cannot get rebuild axles.
May 28, 2018

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