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95 Accord Replaced axle now wont go in gear?

Replaced passenger side axle/wheel bearing on a 95 honda accord. As soon as I fire it up for a test drive it had a really loud grinding noise and would not go in any gear at all. Any ideas?


if in gear and the car won't move but the speedometer does either axle not in all the way or wrong axle. honda has this thing about changing things mid way through a model year seen it to many times. also are you the original owner if not than might be possible the trans is different meaning axle different too
May 28, 2018
It sounds like the splines on the axle are not engaging with the transmission. Be sure the one you have is seated fully in the transmission - you can compare the appearance with the other side. If still no good, there are several variations of the axle - left or right side, with or without ABS, manual or automatic transmissions I have received wrong axles plenty of times. If you have the old one it is best to put the two side by side to compare.
May 28, 2018
this sounds undesirable,sounds to me like your overdrive is Kaput,force it in D3 until you will get it to a storage to be varified,this could shop you a splash money on inner aspects,if no longer yet fubar,if it keeps slipping in D4 it is going to burn out the interior clutches and expend the drum,and you do no longer % all that crap.floating around in there,a rebuild could desire to shelter it with a bit of luck,a newby is prett costly
May 28, 2018
you can get virmiticulate at your local garden store {most likely}
May 28, 2018

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