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97 Nissan Maxima CV Axle slipping??

I found a guy who could replace my CV Axle on my 97 Nissan Maxima Driver‘s side He replaced it, and has tried giving it back to me twice. Each time about 30 minutes later my CV Axle slips out I am turning left. My transmission just quits working and I can‘t drive He cannot figure out why, and I need my car back, any ideas?


My first idea would be to take the car to a better mechanic. If the guy can't put in a new stub-axle properly, I wouldn't want him messing around with MY car. Could be he ordered the WRONG axle. They're NOT exactly the same.
May 28, 2018
Did he replace it or rebuild it? The half-shaft has a circlip on it to keep it in place. When you install the shaft into the transaxle, you should have a hard time installing the half-shaft back into the transmission. Once you feel/hear the clicking noise, you know the half-shaft is properly installed. You should not be able to pull the half-shaft out with ease. If the circlip is worn to the point that you do not hear the clicking noise, the circlip needs to be replaced. If you can pull it out without much trouble, the circlip is worn and needs to be replaced. If he replaced the whole axle, did he replace it with the right one? Are all the bolts installed and/or tight? If the spindle where the axle slides into where the tire mounts on is not tight or is missing a bolt, it could be enough for the tire to pull away from the vehicle from the bottom to cause the axle to come out. If the axle is coming out, you would be spilling transmission fluid. If you are not spilling fluid, then it is not the axle that is slipping out, the internal gears are coming off of the axle shaft.
May 28, 2018
That happens because at some point the engine and transmission assembly has shifted to the opposite side,effectively lengthening the distance between the points where the axle attaches.This is a common occurrence when a vehicle has been in a fender bender,causing the motor mounts to shift out of alignment Have him raise the car,loosen the axle nut on both sides,then push the axles in until they bottom out.One side will go in further than the other,exposing the misalignment as they are supposed to be the same
May 28, 2018

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