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98 Dodge Neon. Automatic Transmission. Do I have Bad Transmission or Broken Axle?

My son bought a 98 dodge neon with automatic transmission. While driving to school he got 3 miles (was running great) and all of the sudden he said he heard a noise and wouldn‘t move. Forward or reverse. Had it towed home, Engine starts and runs fine. Put into drive but doesn‘t move. Forward or reverse. While engine is running and in drive, when put back into park, you hear a slight grinding noise as if had manual transmission and grinding a gear. While in Park, you can push the car as if was in nuetral. Does it sound like a bad transmission or broken axle? If Axle is it a big deal? Thanks


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May 28, 2018
Have someone sit in the car, start it and put it into drive with the foot on the brake. You get under the car and look to see if one of the axles is spinning. If one is spinning that's the one to replace. It's cheaper to just buy the complete rebuilt axle at Advance Auto than it is to just replace the broken CV joint. Turn the motor off while still in drive, because the axle is spinning and the brakes won't stop it from moving you take the risk of breaking the park pawl if you try and put the tranny in Park while the motor is running. Figure around $120 for the axle and 2.0 hours labor to install it.
May 28, 2018

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