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99 dodge ram axle seal leaking.?

99 dodge ram 1500. 4x4. Front pass side axle seal has been replaced twice and still leaking after a while of drive time after being replaced. Axle was told to be ok same with wheel bearing. It only leaks when I‘m done driving it. Drive side started to leak a little now to. Not as bad. It‘s wet on control arm but not bad. What would cause the seal to keep leaking. I‘m sure it‘s seated propertley. Any bushings or bearings?


The axle vent is clogged. This will cause pressure to build in the rear when it warms up and it only takes two pounds of pressure to push oil past the seal.
May 28, 2018
seal rides on axle they sell repair sleeve for axel if axel buggered up
May 28, 2018

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