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99 Ford expedition axle problem? PLEASE HELP?

So I‘m not quite sure why its having problems taking corners. It drives fine going straight until I take a corner slowly it sounds like the freaking wheels are going to bucklevery loud popping grind noise. Does it when I go left or right. Never heard anything like it. It does it in reverse also. Please help! When I take corners fast it doesn‘t do it barely


It sounds like a problem with the axle gears and the spider gears meshing inside the ring gear carrier. IT sounds like there's a lot of loose metal in there. Get it checked before the nose pinion bearing spins it's race inside the housing.If it spins the race and hones out that bore, the rear end housing is ruined.
May 28, 2018
Is it all wheel drive, or 2 wheel drive, sound is in front or back? All wheel could be cv axles, 2 wheel could be u joints, could be hub bearings, could be low fluid in rear axle. Too many facts not included. Suggestion: get it to a shop, $75 average for an hour of inspection. Cheaper than a whole rear end, and at least an answer from a mechanic beats guessing, and wasting hours of replacing unecessary parts.
May 28, 2018
You need to have it checked at a shop. There are any number of axle, suspension, or brake issues that can cause a noise like that.
May 28, 2018

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