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99 Plymouth and Transmission Line?

I brought my 99 Plymouth Breeze to a local mechanic today, he said car needs a new Transmission Line and he asked $150 for to replace new one. Ok here is my quetion: Whats actually a Transmission Line? and did mechanic asked for too much price?Thanks for your answers in advance.


a transmission line has fluid running thru it from the transmission to the radiator (where it helps cool the fluid)and back to the transmission ,it could be made of metal or rubber.in today's economy 150 dollars doesn't seem to much .you will need line,clamps,trans fluid,and labor most shops in our area are at 70 to 80 dollars an hour .if u let this go a new trans will cost much more .get it fixed.
the tranny fluid from the transmission is cooled in the bottom of the water radiator which is a separate chamber other cars have a small radiator in front of the water radiator in order for the tranny fluid to reach the radiator there a line that brings the fluid there and another that returns the fluid back to the tranny if you noticed a reddish fluid on the ground where you had the car parked then there is a leak and it is probably from the tranny fluid lines , so you should change them if there is nothing. let it be
the transmission line is the transmission fluid cooler line. Transmission fluid has to be cooled for it to work properly. there is a fluid cooler inside the tank of the radiator . There are lines than run from the trans to the radiator and back. these lines can leak over time and need replacement. Parts and labor in todays times with todays labor costs,thats sounds ok.

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