dont get it- you're killing the panda's :(
Like most wood products if you have too much moisture in your climate zone then you may need to watch out since natural wood tends to warp or expand or extract exponentially. Unlike pressed wood laminate or other processed products that can stand slightly better through humid conditions. Some even go to extreme by having a moisture measuring device for deterrent. All the regular maintenance required (dusting, polish...)
Bamboo is extremely durable, but you still need to take care of it so it will last a lifetime. Keep your bamboo flooring free of dust, dirt and grit by sweeping regularly with a soft broom. These can cause small scratches that will slowly breakdown the surface of the floor. Try to remove your shoes (especially high heels) before walking across the floor. If that’s not possible, use floor mats to wipe your feet near the entrances. Do not use rubber backed rugs. They prevent the floor from breathing and can cause discoloration. Use protective felt pads under the legs of furniture. When moving furniture, pick it up. don’t slide!
You treat it as any other hardwood or laminate. Mopping is not recommended. Best to use a spray bottle and mist a cleaner on and use a swivel head "dust" mop with the terri head cloth. You can use a cleaner that you buy OTC or a simple white vinegar/water solution works fine. You need to lightly mist the cleaner on the floor and go over it with "dust mop" Wash the cloth as needed. Do not mop, use Murphys or any type soap products. Just a light spray and dust. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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