Bamboo floors?

I have bamboo wood floors and I have been mopping them with mop glo and a regular Libby mop-they are really spotty though. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to use to get them squeeky clean?


The primary benefit of bamboo flooring is of course it’s environmentally friendly nature. Unlike the majority of wood suited to flooring, it’s available in vast supply. Bamboo trees also reach maturity significantly faster than most trees and this means that when a forest is cut down, it doesn’t take decades to replenish itself. This means that bamboo is classified as a rapidly renewable wood or timber source. Bamboo floors are warm and inviting. They can add a touch of class and refinement to just about any room. Unlike many aspects of interior design, bamboo floors are neither a trend or a fad, making them a timeless addition. You can install them in your home, safe with the knowledge that they’ll look just as good ten years from now.
I installed a bamboo floor in my condo.. about 500 square feet.. I love it.. although there were some issues.. Bamboo is an engineered wood.. actually three layers of bamboo glued together so it is extremely stable.. However is is not a hard wood and it will scratch and dent fairly easily. Although.. mine still looks great after 3 years and I still get compliments about it.. I used a border around the entire wall with three strips of natural, then "carbonized", and then natural again. I then filled in the center with natural.. it looks like a custom floor without too much trouble. Originally the natural areas looked yellow but the yellow quickly faded. I bought the bamboo from a discount flooring store for relatively cheap..($2-3 per sq foot) with a 30 year finish.. It came in 3 foot by 3 and 1/2 inch boards. It was tongue and groove so it goes together easily. Stagger the ends so the joints are staggered. My bamboo floor was designed to be nailed down .. although now I know you can get some engineered floorings that have snap together and float.. so they do not need to be nailed down. I nailed it down with an air powered 18 guage brad nailer although a floor nailer would work better. If you install it yourself GET THE BEST BLADE YOU CAN FOR CUTTING IT. Bamboo is actually a grass and without a very sharp fine cutting blade it will shred/rip along the cut edges which looks bad. I used a cheap powered miter saw for cutting it..with a blade that cost almost as much as the saw! The blade had very good carbide tips. Good luck
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