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Cleaning product needed for bamboo floor?

I just bought a house that has bamboo flooring. I need to find a cleaning product that will make the floor clean & shiny & disinfect but not make the floor slippery. Any suggestions?


Here we use two mops: one for dry cleaning with vinegar; the other for liquid polish to rub on
Dish /wash soap will make the floor sticky.,and even if you rinse off it will leave a residue. I would suggest nice warm water and only two teaspoons white vinegar , nice clean towly cloth and rub hard. You would be amazed how much just warm water cleans on its own, i only use warm water on my floors now and change the wash water often. Please try water only first and your floor will eventually be clean anf free from any cleaning soloutions. By the way i discovered this one day when i had run out of any cleaning stuff. My wooden floors look great and without any smears or sticky residue.

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