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Am I Clastrophobic.???

Ok.so I'm just wonderingI get really scared when there's lots of people and a crowd as in in itLike at school,when it's after lunch everyone goes to their next class and then there's lots of people walkin in your direction like in front of you or others in different directionsThen I feel like I'm gonna faint or somethingMy hearts starts to beat faster and sometimes I get sweaty.I'm nervous and feel like I'm gonna die etcor when I go to the mall in an elevator and there's some people in there like a lot and I'm all in a corner at the back panicking and scaredI really don't like elevators.At allI remember something about me when I was little and in an elevator but I forgotAnd when people are squishing youIt's scary hahaSo yeah.even if I was locked in a tiny closet I would Proably have a panic attack.heheIm 13 ad female btwSo yeah.am I Clastrophobic??


It doesn't seem like a total phobiaThat word is often tossed aroundThe difference between phobia and fear is that phobia is much more extremeIf this fear was making you never leave your house or be around people, then it would be classified as phobiaIt is a fear that definitely causes you some deal of anxietyYou can either avoid these situationsLike taking the stairsOr walking on the other side of the street or hallOr you could face it head on in little waysLike calming yourself before having to walk through a crowd of people or talking yourself through it I'm gonna be okay after riding in this elevatorMost fears are learnedConditionedThe nice thing about learned behaviors, is that they are reversible with some dedication and self-improvement.

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