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Any recourse for fake smoke detector in apartment?

One of the smoke detectors in the condo that I started renting two months ago started beeping, I could not re-set it, and my landlord does not have a local property manager, and he did not call back or come help me, so I called the non-emergency fire department number.The fire department sent three firemen out here to help me with it.While they were here, they found out that one of the smoke detectors was gutted and fake and just stuck up in the ceiling to make it look like a working smoke detector.They also found one was not wired into the ceiling (just battery operated) and they were not wired together to go off if one goes off. I am shocked by this.I think this would be a he said, she said thing but I am talking to an attorney tomorrow, since there are other issues with the landlord declining to give me a copy of the move-in inventory, and water damage in the kitchen from the roof or a vent leaking. Do I have any recourse for this fake smoke detector??


You can either use a CO2 or ABC extinguisher, which are specifically designed for energized electrical fires, or you can go to the circuit breaker panel, turn of the breaker to the computer or the main breaker, and but the fire out with water. HALON is no longer manufactured due to EPA regulations since it depletes the ozone, so getting your hands on a HALON extinguisher is practically impossible. Only total flooding systems are permitted, and they can't be re-serviced after discharge.
Carbon dioxide or any other gas. They wont make a mess
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