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Anyone ever order a Traditions .50 Cal muzzle loader from Buds?

the checkout I don't have to select an FFL is this cause its a kit? I haven't ordered it yet I was just looking at it and I have a habit of wanting to know what dealers are in my area so I can go check them out, but back to my question has anyone ordered this from Buds before? Is the gun complex to put it together?


certainly there is not any Barret .50 cal cartridge designation. there's a Barrett .416 which replaced into made to regulate to California regulation yet nevertheless furnish a effective lengthy decision projectile. Any Barrett rifles in .50 cal will be the .50 BGM, which replaced into stepped ahead through Browning interior the early 1900's as a gadget gun round (Browning gadget Gun). All .50 high quality tells you is the approximate diameter of the projectile. Muzzle loaders use black powder or an equivalent. maximum different guns use modern-day smokeless powder. The smokeless powder develops a lot extra rigidity and would usually blow a muzzle loader aside. There are about 4 common .50 cartridges. The .50 BMG it fairly is the premiere and develops over 10,000 ft lbs of potential. there is also a .50 Beowulf which will artwork in an AR-15 length firearm, the .50 AE it fairly is a effective handgun round, and the .500 SW Magnum it fairly is the premiere handgun round in common production.
You don’t need to go through a FFL dealer because black powder muzzle loaders don’t require that. But be sure to check your state laws as some states have restriction on BP guns. However if your 18 and in a state with no restriction it can be mailed to your door. Those kits can be very time consuming and do not expect all the parts to fit out of the box. Many require inletting of the wood for metal parts to fit. Also be prepared for lots and lots of sanding. Some kits go together fairly easy and some have to be returned because parts are missing or parts have flaws. B e darn sure to check out everything before you start working on it. And if you screw it up its on you they wont replace the kit if its your mistake. Traditions is not super high quality but they can look nice and work just fine if you do your part and no parts fail on you. To be honest you would be much better off buying the finished gun for a bit more. No I havent dealt with Bud's.

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